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Top Tools Every Developer Should Needs


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One of the important lessons I have learned as a developer is to work smarter, not harder. And one of the best ways to live by that rule is to use tools that make you more productive and simplify your life.

Today we will look at seven different tools that I use personally that you may or may not have heard of. Let’s get started-


Bundialphobia is a web application that lets you determine how much an NPM package will add to your total bundle size. If you’re working with a modern front-end…

You might love these packages

Code on a laptop
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Npm stands for node package manager. When you are working on JavaScript, you can use npm to install other people's code packages into your project. There are hundreds of thousands of packages available on npm.

In this article, I’m going to talk about essential libraries.

1. date-fns

The first library I want to talk about is date-fns. Date-fns is also known as date functions. This library is a collection of hundreds of functions.

With these functions, you can add days to a date, compare dates, format dates, etc. You can get anything related to the Date function in this library.

By default…

These tools will boost your speed and efficiency

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As a web developer, you need some tools on a regular basis. Some amazing tools are available to help you achieve a stronger position faster, and no one tells you about this.

I’m going to give you these tools. I wish somebody gave them to me while I was starting. All of the tools are absolutely free to use.

I have categorized all of the tools.

  • Hosting and deployment.
  • Royalty-free images and videos.
  • Icons and fonts.
  • Mockup tools.
  • Project design ideas.
  • Freelancing.
  • Exercise and algorithms.
  • Learning.
  • General tools.

Hosting and Deployment

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash


How do they know so much about you??

One eye that is always watching you, and you can’t skip. You cannot stop using it, not only you, the whole world is already used to it. I am talking about the giant technology “Google” the world’s largest search engine.

In a Congress, the CEO of Google has been asked does google stores data and access them?

The CEO Sundar Pichai said yes, google stores and access data. That means Google seeing our every personal thing and we couldn’t do anything.

Is it happening right with us?

Improve your writing skill

Photo by Andrijana Bozic on Unsplash

Every writer struggles with their writing confidence. They fight for skill, fight for experience and fight for the destination they dream about. No one is perfect but can try to be creative this is what they need as a writer. Confidence isn’t something that most writers find easily and not that easy to gain. Your confidence is not the thing that you actively do, but there are things that you can actively think about.

1.Don’t Compare Your Work with a published author

# 5 Tools that boost your Productivity

Photo by Remy_Loz on Unsplash

Productivity means high quality and fast speed and you can find many tools online that give you the pleasure of using them. As a web developer, you must know the time-saving tools that you can use to work smartly.

I didn’t learn those tools at once, after a long experience, I add them to my web tool kit day by day. I am going to tell you all those tools and how it works so keep reading.

1. Materials Icons

Every web developer needs an icon when creating any website and it is really sad that developers cannot find the right icon. When…

Learning from mistakes is a good lesson for software developers

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

You can only identify yourself as a senior software developer if you do not make the same mistakes as the juniors or freshers. Some potential attributes are enough to become a senior software developer.

You don't just have to focus on learning something new, and you also have to think about what you are doing wrong at the end of the day and make sure that those mistakes do not happen again. Not only sound education but also alertness and dedication too are most required.

What I have corrected to be a senior developer, I will discuss this pattern in…

Don’t lie to yourself……

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

In this article, I will talk about some of the toxic habits of software developers today. These toxic habits you may have seen in many developers maybe your coworkers, friends, or especially freshers.

A lot of times we think our work is going on and the boss isn’t having problems, maybe everything is fine. But you know you’re wrong, but you’re avoiding it.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be a software developer for your company build a software developer for yourself. Think about your career change your bad habits to your good habit. If you can turn this habit into…

Improve your programming skills with these cool websites

Image Source

If you want to learn how to code to create software apps, websites, and many places on the Internet will teach you the skills you need and get started, and many of them are free.

Most of these websites teach you the basics of coding. This is a good place to start for those of you who want to learn the program. I have focused on listing these top websites to start with absolutely basic programming. So let’s started-


The site has an interactive learning platform designed to make learning web development accessible to anyone. …

You should know and avoid these mistakes as a programmer

Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

The mistakes I made when I started my programming make me feel stupid now. I made a prevalent mistake, and now I regret it.

These are silly mistakes programmers make all the time. I have seen programmers make those mistakes over and over again. It would be best if you didn’t do this as a programmer.

The fresher struggle is because they learned very little in college, and the natural world from college is quite tricky.

The fresher struggle because they learned very little in college, and the real world is quite tricky from college. …

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